Sauna benefits for muscle recovery, health and fitness

woman meditating on wooden dock during daytime

  Prepare to boost your workout to improve your health, increase your fitness and speed up recovery for your muscles due to the numerous sauna benefits to health, fitness and wellness… Health benefits of saunas The majority of people visit the sauna to get a shot of tranquility, or perhaps to relieve the pains and … Read more

Best fitness app developers

1.Azumio  the rapid growth of artificial intelligence as well as technological advancements in biometric sensors, Azumio is one of the leading fitness app developers, providing various modern fitness and health apps that aid fitness enthusiasts in various ways. The vast range of fitness apps includes Argus that is the all in one application that tracks the … Read more

5 trending sports supplements for women 2022

From collagen shots to change coffee, discover the top trending sports supplements and best workout aids to boost your health as well as your performance… When GB Heptathlete Holly Mills prepares to hit the track for a challenging workout or competition, she’ll always take a couple of blackcurrant extracts. “I require my muscles to be strong … Read more

How to do the reverse fly with correct form

Better posture, fewer injuries and a stronger upper body…there are so many reasons why we love this back-toning move. Here’s how to do the reverse fly with correct form. Hands up if you are seated at your desk for most of the time. Make sure you raise your hands in case you’re feeling unbalanced and generally … Read more