Workshop on the qualities of a manager

One of the biggest challenges for businessmen is the choice of the manager and leader of the institution or company concerned for them or the selection of detailed cadres in it; the matter is subject to many criteria, it is not easy to meet in one person, even if this happens and is proven and … Read more

The idea of franchising, its conditions and stages

Those wishing to invest were and are still looking for franchise ideas offered in Western countries, and America in particular, to transfer them to our country where we live, to be within the system that the franchise-owning company has been working on, but recently there have become many ideas and very important local innovations that … Read more

Types of commercial licenses in the United Arab Emirates

There are many types of commercial licenses in the United Arab Emirates depending on the activities carried out by investors in the country, and in this article, dear readers, we will introduce you to the types of licenses in the United Arab Emirates; so follow us in the next few lines. Commercial licenses in Dubai: … Read more