Leaves in NYC: A Guide to Enjoying Fall Foliage in the City


Fall foliage is a beloved seasonal attraction in many parts of the world, and New York City is no exception. While the city is known for its bustling urban landscape, it’s also home to several parks and green spaces that offer a stunning display of autumn leaves.

Fall Foliage in NYC: A Guide to the Best Parks and Gardens

Central Park

Central Park is one of the city’s most iconic parks and a popular destination for leaf-peeping. The park is home to several tree-lined paths and open fields that offer a beautiful view of the changing leaves.

Prospect Park

Located in Brooklyn, Prospect Park is another popular spot for fall foliage. The park’s Long Meadow and Ravine areas are particularly scenic and offer a stunning view of the colorful leaves.

Hudson River Park

Hudson River Park is a waterfront park that runs along the west side of Manhattan. The park’s walking and biking paths offer a beautiful view of the Hudson River and the fall foliage on the nearby trees.

The New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden is a 250-acre garden located in the Bronx. The garden’s Thain Family Forest is home to several native tree species that turn vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow in the fall.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a 52-acre garden that features several collections of trees and plants. The garden’s Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden is particularly stunning in the fall, with several maple trees turning bright shades of red.


Fall foliage in NYC is a must-see attraction for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll through a park or a scenic bike ride along the river, there are plenty of options to enjoy the beauty of autumn leaves in the city. So grab a warm drink and a camera, and head out to explore the stunning fall foliage in NYC.