Positive leadership and its impact on the individual and society

The way my daughter’s kindergarten celebrated teacher’s day was remarkable, so instead of teachers receiving gifts from children and their parents, the school administration informed parents not to send gifts to teachers to avoid students unable to do that embarrassment, and on the day of the holiday, the principal attended a wonderful party in the form of beautiful decorations and a large cake shared by teachers and students, and an appreciation shield attached to a bouquet of roses for each teacher, and after taking the commemorative photo of the entire staff, the school administration posted the photo on its official pages on social networking sites, accompanied by an individual thank you to each teacher, including the most beautiful his qualities of creativity, optimism, responsibility and skill in dealing with situations Critical.

In fact, before I saw the publications, I was wondering about the secret of the loyalty of the teaching staff to this department and the strong relationship that binds them, but now everything has become clear, and the Secret has been revealed that this department practices positive leadership, don’t you know what positive leadership is So please allow us to tell you about the concept of positive leadership and its impact on the individual and society in this article.

The concept of positive leadership:

The concept of positive leadership can be defined as influencing others and creating a template of organization, coordination, integration and harmony of the efforts of employees and teams that pushes them to perform their tasks to the fullest, but it does not depend on authority, force, threats and sanctions; rather, it depends on encouraging and motivating them in a refined and gentle way that ensures enhancing the self-motivation of each of them to perform his task in the best format, and making additional efforts in order to benefit the group.

Positive leadership is that type of leadership based on motivating and encouraging employees in a way that ensures that they continue to work at the same high pace even in the absence of the manager; because the motivation behind the performance of tasks is an internal motivation towards achievement and true loyalty to the company stemming from the safety and happiness that the employee gets from being within this organization, and not the fear of punishment or a discount in pay.

Positive leadership is the best image of management; it involves two aspects: the first is the development of specific laws regulating the work process and charting the way to reach the desired goal, and the second is the method used to commit employees to work, which is in positive leadership through encouragement, appreciation, respect and practices that enhance the employee’s belonging to the organization such as success is hers.

The concept of positive leadership can be simplified by the following example: two companies compete to achieve higher sales at a certain festival; the manager in the first company stands addressing the sales staff saying: whoever has sales less than 10 samples per day is deducted from his 10%, and the manager of the second company addresses his sales staff saying: every employee whose sales exceed 10 samples per day will receive 10% of the following sales.

The condition set by each of the managers is almost the same; it is to persuade a sales employee to ten customers to buy products, but the two methods differed; the first followed the method of threat and intimidation, the second followed the method of motivation, and employees in both teams may achieve the condition, but the motivation behind achieving it for each is completely different.

The impact of positive leadership in the individual and society:

The concept of positive leadership does not depend only on work, the mother in raising her child is a leader, the father in dealing with his family is also a leader, and the teacher in his class and in front of his students is also a leader; therefore, recognizing the impact of positive leadership in the individual and society is necessary for every supervisor and controller to realize the importance of the method he follows in influencing the people he supervises.

The influence of positive leadership in an individual:

We all spend at least eight hours a day in our work and jobs, and this is a large time equivalent to a third of our day; therefore, it is necessary for the leader to be aware of this, so as not to make his leadership style a cause of psychological or physical harm to the employees he supervises.

Positive leadership thinks about sustainability and maintaining employee loyalty; therefore, it views the employee as a human being with limited energy, not as a machine that can work all the time without any human consideration.

In one of the companies where the work is carried out on unloading the cargo of ships to the ports, the commander supervising the unloading process followed a positive leadership style, allowing the workers to stop working every period, sitting with them, exchanging conversation and laughter, offering them himself cups of tea accompanied by expressions of thanks and calling for wellness and strength, praising their physical strength and conducting competitions for them, and if any problem occurred or the contents of a bag accidentally spilled, he would ease it and not blame the overworked worker, and conclude the day by saying: “God has given you health and wellness, I hope we all meet tomorrow”.

This is what makes workers who work on the principle of day-to-day “i.e. daily work” return to it the next day; this is because they feel appreciated and respected and that their efforts are appreciated, and this means that positive leadership enhances the individual’s respect for himself and the role he plays and performs at work, and this will be reflected on their mental health, they return home physically exhausted but their psychological condition will be fine.

Suppose that the supervisor was not using positive leadership, and he forbade the workers to stop only after their full energy ran out, scolding them for any mistake, deducting it from their wages and ridiculing their efforts, saying: “it’s not an invention of corn, it’s just bags that you Transport for a short distance, I don’t want an army of tired, less productive, I hope it won’t come tomorrow,” do we imagine the psychological burden caused by lack of appreciation and lack of a sense of security?”

We should not forget the role of positive leadership in motivating individuals to creativity. a person who feels secure and appreciated in his company and receives incentives that really encourage him to complete the March of efforts will feel grateful to the company and will do what he can to develop work in it, and this results in great creative ideas that he presents to the company, improving them and improving his brainstorm and ability to create.

On the other hand, a company whose managers follow positive leadership can reduce the staff turnover rate, “which means shortening the duration of an employee’s work in the organization, having to look for another employee and train him to occupy the same position,” and if we ask why, the answer is that the influence of positive leadership on an individual is positive in turn, he seeks to develop himself to the learning process and self-development to remain eligible for her confidence and achieve her ambitionŲŒ This is reflected at the company level and is also reflected on the quality of individuals, their level of culture and knowledge.

The impact of positive leadership in society:

We have talked about the impact of positive leadership in the individual, so the impact of positive leadership in society will be self-evident; because the individual is the basic building block of society, and his progress and positivity are reflected on his society and it becomes positive too.

In many dramatic and life scenarios, the scene of the husband entering his house angry is repeated; the reason for this is a quarrel that occurred between him and his manager and threatened him with dismissal during it if he did not improve something certain, and this does not happen if the manager follows a positive leadership style; in this case, he will follow with the employee living life in a conscious way is far from the anxiety caused by thinking about the possibilities of layoffs.

The application of positive leadership also has positive effects on the quality of services provided by companies; this means the quality of the impact of positive leadership in society, positive leadership pushes employees to make their best efforts and maximum potential; this means quality in the resulting services and products, and can we imagine if the services and products provided by companies are done in the best

Products with high quality” non-adulterated ” are aimed at achieving a benefit for the customer and not just selling and profit, as well as services, accurate health services, reliability in appointments, and many others, and this will certainly affect society positively and raise the quality of life in it.

In conclusion:

Positive leadership is an art in itself, an art in management that aims to penetrate into the psychological depth of the employee and the work team to explore the best methods in motivating him and managing his energies and efforts, and certainly this is in addition to achieving the management plan drawn to achieve the required tasks.

Positive leadership never means entertaining employees at the expense of performing tasks; it means achieving the possible well-being that ensures their performance of tasks in the best possible way.finally, we note that treating an employee with respect is not a luxury; it is a legitimate right, but we mean the rest of the actions that are not included in the administrative system of motivation, such as a new year’s gift and a red flower on every desk on Valentine’s day.