Sauna benefits for muscle recovery, health and fitness


Prepare to boost your workout to improve your health, increase your fitness and speed up recovery for your muscles due to the numerous sauna benefits to health, fitness and wellness…

Health benefits of saunas

The majority of people visit the sauna to get a shot of tranquility, or perhaps to relieve the pains and aches If you knew the totality of their advantages, you’d definitely move towards. Dry heat rooms, utilized for long periods of time throughout Finnish as well as Swedish communities, possess important health benefits, like lower chance of having high blood pressures, better lung function and the proven advantages for mental health.

The evidence-based science behind heart health is long established. In fact, a study of 40 studies that involved 3,855 people from the Journal evidence-based complementary and Alternative Medicine reports that regular sauna use can reduce the heart size of those suffering from congestive heart failure. It also increased the arrhythmia (irregular beat of the heart) and decreased the chance of sudden death due to heart attacks by 63 percent. Studies show that saunas are beneficial for your cognitive health too and one study reported the reduction of 66 per cent in the risk of dementia.

In terms of fitness, saunas offer positive as they increase oxygen saturation while exercising and also extending the time between workouts after a the heat session, and even increasing the mitochondria, your powerhouse cells which increase by 28 percent. Take into consideration the evidence-based benefits for pain relief , and their proven effectiveness for recovery after workouts and you’ll understand why going to the sauna can be beneficial to your training program.

How saunas work

Most often, they are housed in tiny wood-paneled cabins saunas offer dry heat temperatures ranging from 65degC to 90degC. A prolonged exposure to heat increases the body’s skin and core temperature and the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) is activated alongside other mechanisms, increasing your heart rates, circulation, and sweating to control your temperature. Your muscles relax, and you are calmer and more prone to discomfort.

At a cellular level the benefits include a reduction in inflammation and oxidative stress. The physical stress that your body endures during a sauna boosts its performance and / or tolerance to more difficult challenges in the same manner as exercising. In addition, introducing essential oils to your air has additional benefits. such as eucalyptus. It can aid in clearing the airways, and pine may make you feel energetic and rejuvenated.

Try sauna therapy yourself

You’re probably aware of the need to replenish the fluids that have been lost with lots of water. There are additional things to keep in mind when you go to the sauna. Avoid drinking alcohol prior to or during your session because of its drying effects.

Make sure to limit your sessions to around 10-minutes (most people will do more than three sessions in the same row). If you’re sitting on upper benches , which are higher, consider lying lower for the final 1-2 minutes of your session to get your body into a vertical position before taking a cool shower or a plunge.

WF Editor Sarah Snellen’s tried a ‘sausages” at the world’s most renowned recreation and sports center Club la Santa, in Lanzarote. The ‘gus master’ was who placed ice that was infused with essential oils on hot stones prior to spreading warmth around the sauna. “The aromas that I were deeply relaxing”, says Sellens. The sauna sessions was for seven minutes. It was followed by an optional plunge into the swimming pool or ice to get cool. While it sounds intense I can’t say I’ve ever felt this revitalized.’

Sausages located at Club la Santa Wellness Centre costs EUR25. For more information, dial 0161 790 9990 or visit


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