Workshop on the qualities of a manager

One of the biggest challenges for businessmen is the choice of the manager and leader of the institution or company concerned for them or the selection of detailed cadres in it; the matter is subject to many criteria, it is not easy to meet in one person, even if this happens and is proven and achieved over time (from two to three years); it is important to reformulate and structure in the relationship with him from the legal and financial side; so that it gives a feeling to the concerned manager that he is part of the basic system of this investment.

In this context, the writer Ziad Reis, author of the book “My Experience for a Better Life”, tells us the most desired qualities in this manager; they fall under two axes:

Qualities of the manager from the personal side:

Important personal qualities fall under this axis as follows:

1. Honesty (honesty).

2. Charisma and charisma (charisma).

3. Commitment (commitment).

4. Communication (communication).

5. Efficiency (competence/efficiency).

6. Courage (courage).

7. Acumen (acumen).

8. Generosity and giving (generation & giving).

9. Concentration (concentration).

10. Listening (listening).

11. Orientation and positive attitude.

12. Problem-solving skills (problem-solving skills).

13. Sense of responsibility (sense of responsibility).

14. Self-confidence (self-confidence).

15. Self-discipline (self discipline).

16. Serving others (helping others).

17. Learning ability (learning ability).

18. Patience and perseverance (patience & perseverance).

19. Diversity of languages (diversity of languages).

20. The presence of an entrepreneurial spirit (initiative spirit).

21. Clarity of vision (clarity of vision).

22. Knowledge (knowledge).

23. Patience (patience).

24. Justice (Justice).

25. Spirit of respect (spirit of respect).

26. Self-criticism and revision (Self-criticism & adjustment).

27. Maturity (maturity).

28. Humility (humanity).

29. Determination and will (consistency & will).

30. Altruism (altruism).

31. Honesty (honesty).

32. A sense of Community Responsibility (Community responsibility).

33. Devotion and loyalty (devotion & loyalty).

34. The skill of seizing time (Time management).

Some of these qualities come and develop with training and acquisition, and some of them are due to the nature of a personality that is not easy to develop.

Qualities of the manager from the acquired cognitive side:

Most of the inquiries, discussions, and data between the members of the board of directors or partners, and between the director or the board of directors concerned with the company, are as follows:

1. Clarity of the company’s vision, mission, goals and business strategy.

2. Relying on linking any goal to a schedule and relying on the budget allocated to the goal.

3. Knowledge and knowledge of the final product offered by the company, the extent of its quality with the follow-up of continuous evaluation, and the size of the final beneficiary’s satisfaction.

4. The presence of periodic updating of reports and data with clear analyses for the development or correction of defects or deficiencies.

5. The presence of the possibility and mechanism for drawing up actionable corrective plans.

6. Familiarity with the internal regulations of the company, with emphasis on working through them, and be within the periodic program in follow-up.

7. The ability to establish weekly meetings with employees, follow up the implementation of previous decisions with the presence of a spirit of training and education in the mechanisms of implementing policies and regulations adopted directly, or through authorized persons, performance evaluation for them, and continuous motivation for application and development.

8. The presence of transparency in the submission of performance reports to the board of partners periodically.

9. The presence of effective discussion and follow-up of work team initiatives, encouraging and developing them, and the ability to develop a unit of measurement for performance and production.

10. The possibility of enhancing the overall image of the company in front of customers, both at the service level and consumer production.

11. Having a passion and constant effectiveness seek to develop a business policy.

12. The ability to reduce the cost-to-sales ratios of the company; so that there is a continuous development in sales, and there is also the art of making better use of existing energies.

13. Possessing a team spirit, cooperation, integration, cohesion, and a culture of collective work, and promoting the spirit of affection between employees.

14. Having the ability to always excel, and present the interest of the work and the organization over the personal interests at all levels of the company’s employees, and in return, the ability to enhance the level of satisfaction of the company’s employees about their status in the company, by rewarding and appreciating the achievers, and alert and then punish the abusers.

15. Taking into account the Human Dimensions in the relationship with employees and cadres, providing services, taking the initiative to solve any obstacles they face in the development of work, and always being keen to provide rehabilitation and capacity development programs.

16. The existence of a mechanism to qualify alternative cadres for all sensitive and important detailed sites in the company.

17. Continuous work in the development of personal abilities through performance development programs, benefiting from the experiences of others and studying other experiences, whether successful or unsuccessful.

18. Work on developing a mechanism and program for relations and networking with other institutions.

19. Creating a system for documentation and indexing all the work carried out by the company, so that it is easy to obtain whenever necessary.

20. Finding or forming a working team of cadres whose main goal is to plan, supervise, follow up, evaluate, and make decisions so that they have the skill to empower them, give them powers, take them responsibility, and hold them accountable as well.

  • Finally, with the completion of the first and second axes, an important leadership and entrepreneurial team is produced that must be maintained, be able to apply the required global governance systems at all levels, and give a strong motivation to the company and contribute to its development.