5 trending sports supplements for women 2022

From collagen shots to change coffee, discover the top trending sports supplements and best workout aids to boost your health as well as your performance…

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When GB Heptathlete Holly Mills prepares to hit the track for a challenging workout or competition, she’ll always take a couple of blackcurrant extracts. “I require my muscles to be strong and, thanks to the extract of blackcurrants, I’m in a position sprint faster and harder for longer periods of time, she adds.

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The club, Nottingham Forest Women FC, players regularly take probiotics to make sure they are fit for match. In the meantime, GB marathon runner Becky Briggs begins her day by taking a nootropic herbal. Many athletes are taking advantage of the benefits of supplements for sports that are natural to keep up with their performance.

“It’s not about just increasing race time, but also enhancing the recovery process and improving overall health and well-being as well,’ says Rob Hobson, head of nutrition at Healthspan Elite. “Immunity is a major concern after pandemics, which is why probiotics are getting more and more to be a hit. The latest trend is collagen which aids in healing from joint and bone injuries. Improved cognition and brain health are also gaining popularity and nootropics fall into this group.’

If your goal is to become an athlete of elite level or an everyday exercising, a dietary strategy is essential to achieving peak performance and overall health, according to nutritionists. For those who are eating an excellent, balanced diet, which is aligned with their goals supplements with herbs and micronutrients could be beneficial as well,’ says Dr. Adam Carey, sports nutritionist and chief medical officer of Indi-Supplements.

Should you swap the caffeinated drinks to take the latest brain-boosting supplements or substitute your protein shake to collagen gel? Here’s what you should be aware of.



Best for: Preventing and healing sports injuries

How to use it: Have an injury or knee pain that is nagging or from an injury? Drink a collagen shot prior to exercise. The most well-known is for
Its beauty benefits the beauty benefits of its cosmetic benefits, (the body’s principal structural protein) is a shield and repair for your joints, tendons , and cartilage. It is a favorite by athletes, such as Andy Murray and Premiership football teams.

Collagen is essential for athletes who put pressure on tendons and ligaments,” says Graeme Close, professor of human physiological sciences of Liverpool John Moore’s University and the director of science for the Nutrition X. Research has shown that supplementing with collagen, between 30 minutes and one hour prior the time of exercise is able to help heal injuries by providing tissues with proteins. It also helps reduce pain and aches in these areas.’

Are you wondering if it is worth trading for your regular Whey Protein? The regular protein powders are ideal for building and strengthening muscles according to Professor Close. The best collagen for repair is ligaments, bones, and tendons. Studies suggest that 15-20g of collagen daily can be the best dosage.’

‘Taking collagen helps protect my body’

Para Taekwondo athlete, Amy Truesdale, regularly utilizes collagen shots, and will do so in her participation in the Paralympics 2020.

As an older athlete, I’m aware that the amount of collagen within my body has decreased. My collagen supplements I consume (Nutrition X Repair Collagen Shots, see below can be vital in reducing the pain in my joints and strengthening them which is essential for the contact sports like Taekwondo.’

The ays) 627mg marine collagen Vitamins C and E and Activins .most effective collagen supplements you can try:

  • Nutrition Rejuvenate collagen (PS27.49 to 12) 20g bovine collagen vitamins and minerals, glucosamine and chondroitin.
  • Myvitamins Collagen Powder (PS29.99 for 600g) 20g bovine collagen peptides.
  • Innovative active (PS65 over 25 d


Best for: Maintaining performance

How they work How it works: You’ve probably taken probiotics to improve your health However, did you know that they also aid in performance? The first thing to note is that these gut-friendly supplements help to prevent stomach cramps and bloating that every endurance athlete and cyclist fears. “Our research suggests that since probiotics help decrease GI discomfort while exercising athletes are able to maintain their fitness after the competition as per Professor Close.

A study published in The European Journal of Applied Physiology discovered that runners who took probiotics for four weeks prior to running a marathon had lower GI symptoms. Do you have those annoying colds you suffer from when you train for a marathon? Probiotics have also been proven to decrease upper respiratory tract infections among athletes. Probiotics are beneficial when you work out regularly, as they boost immunity,’ says Hobson. The research on cyclists suggests that probiotics can boost carbohydrate metabolism during training and help with the absorption of protein, too.

Do you want to give them a shot? Make sure you purchase the correct mix and dosage. The lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium blend of probiotics has been proven to help athletes with digestive issues as per Professor Close. The research suggests we need more than 20 billion colony-forming units (CFU) in tablets for it to be effective.’

Beware of taking probiotics when drinking hot beverages as they may kill the bacteria.

The best probiotics to test:

  • Health span Pro20 Pro20 biotic (PS35.99 per 120 capsules). 20 billion CFU comprising lactobacillus as well as Bifidobacterium.

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Best for: Reducing fatigue, aiding recovery

How does it work: Reishi mushroom smoothies, turmeric and Ginseng shots…if you’re feeling exhausted It could be worth trading in your normal juice to one of the most recent post-workout supplements. Along with ashwagandhaand rhodiola, and holy basil These adaptogenic plant components control the body’s response to stress and help to restore equilibrium which could help athletes cope with rigorous training.

Although research on clinical trials is not as extensive herbalists have utilized nootropics for many centuries. The long history of use of these preparations within Chinese or ayurvedic medicine according to Dr. Carey. Studies of isolated nerve cells suggest they can aid in managing stress and resist fatigue.’

A study that was published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition found that athletes who took an adaptogen called curcumin (from turmeric) were more efficient in recovering and increased muscle strength, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It is possible to take the adaptogens for several weeks before you can reap the full benefits.

Top adaptogens you should test:

  • Nurtured The Inner Peace Stack (PS28 for a months supply). It includes ashwagandha as well as HydroCurc (turmeric) for help calm.

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Best for: Getting in the zone

What does it do: Do you believe in an espresso before you work out? Perhaps you’ve had the pleasure of using nootropics. Sometimes referred to as’smart drugs or brain supplements such as these brain-enhancing compounds (including the caffeine as well as taurine) are not just able to increase focus and focus but also decrease perceived exertion, which allows you to work to a greater extent.

However, too much caffeine could result in a decline in hand-eye coordination or post-workout ‘crash’ natural nootropic substances (such as the lion’s-mane herb as well as bacopa monnieri as well as amino acids l-theanine as well as tyrosine) help you get into the zone and improve your well-being.

Traditional stimulant-based supplements for pre-workouts concentrate on raising heart rate , and may cause mental stress,’ states Dr. Rosie Tarbuck GP and advisor to Puresport. Herbal ingredients can improve mental focus, clarity and a tolerance to stress with no adverse side negative effects. Initial studies on athletes indicate that nootropics boost the mental resiliency and recover. If you’re hoping to do well at a high level or get back to your best after an intense workout, nootropics could help to improve your performance,’ says Dr. Tarbuck.

Consume a nootropic drink 20-40 minutes prior to performing.

“Taking a nootropic has increased the energy level of my body’

A herbal supplement can help Winter Olympian and shotputter, Adele Nicoll, overcome the negative side effects of a chronic disease.

“I consume Puresport Boost capsules each day. I have chronic fatigue as a result of an ulcerative colitis condition and have found that taking Boost aids in this. I’ve tested supplementing Boost capsules and not using them and have noticed that I feel more energetic when I use them consistently’.

Best nootropic supplements to test:

  • Puresport Boost (PS30 for 60 capsules). The blend is caffeine-free and contains lion’s mane Ginkgo biloba, ginseng and ginkgo biloba along with vitamin C.
  • Indi Mind (PS45, 30 servings). Plant-based and organic, this blend with bacopa monnieri and L-tyrosine with cacao and guarana.
  • Bulk Daily Capsules of Nootropics (PS36.99 to buy 150 capsules). The blend is caffeine-free and includes gotu kola, lion’s Mane and AstraGin.

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Best for: Endurance

What it does: Whether you are looking to smash your personal best, prepare in preparation for marathons, stop DOMS, or speed recovery, the blackcurrant can help you achieve your goals. The tiny, but powerful fruit is awash in anthocyanins – a potent antioxidant, which opens blood vessels and increases the flow of nutrients and oxygen into muscles, thereby improving the energy level by reducing the accumulation of lactate, and reducing post-exercise fatigue and injury to the muscles.

More than 30 research studies on cyclists, runners and climbers have shown that the New Zealand blackcurrant extract called CurraNZ (particularly with anthocyanins) assists athletes to run faster stay longer, recover longer and faster. In fact, a science 2020 review recognized it as among the strongest legal aids to sports available.

Studies suggest that taking blackcurrant extract can also improve the use of fat for fuel in long-term exercise,’ adds Hobson. This could be beneficial in endurance-based athletes. It’s so impressive the track record of CurraNZ, CurraNZ is used by numerous professional and elite athletes, such as Tottenham Hotspur FC and the All Blacks. However, it’s not only athletes that can benefit from it from CurraNZ – recent research has found that CurraNZ improved muscle recovery by three times and decreased soreness by up to 49 percent for people who are just beginning to exercise.

To improve your performance, add one to three extra supplements for a few hours prior to working out.

“Blackcurrants help me train more effectively’

UK Olympic heptathlete Holly Mills takes blackcurrant extract supplements to improve her performance.

It’s all about that extra one percent which is why CurraNZ offers me this. I really appreciate it in training as I am able to go further and faster, meaning I’m gaining the most gains. I am less tired and am much more prepared for the next training session. I’ve been using CurraNZ for the past five years now and it’s safe to declare that it’ll be in my bag of kit for the remainder of my career!

Best blackcurrant supplements you can try:

  • CurraNZ (PS12.99 for 15 capsules). 300mg CurraNZ per capsule.

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