How to do the reverse fly with correct form

Better posture, fewer injuries and a stronger upper body…there are so many reasons why we love this back-toning move. Here’s how to do the reverse fly with correct form.

Hands up if you are seated at your desk for most of the time. Make sure you raise your hands in case you’re feeling unbalanced and generally slumped when you finally rise. We were thinking the same that’s why Jack Claxton, Level 3 personal trainer and personal training ambassador for David Lloyd Clubs and encourages his clients to frequently practice how to reverse the fly.

What is the reverse fly?

It is not just a back exercise an excellent move to tone your upper back as well as the shoulders’ backs as well, it will help improve your posture as you pull your shoulders up and downwards and help balance the forward-looking nature of everyday activities according to Claxton.

This exercise can help lower the risk of shoulder and neck painby strengthening the muscles supporting shoulder joints (rear deltoids) as well as in the middle and upper back (mainly the traps and rhomboids).’

Doesn’t that sound good, does it not? If you’re having trouble getting into the back fly here’s how you can do it correctly.

How to do the reverse fly with correct form:

  1. Begin using your shoulder muscles to pull them back then down. This will relieve any strain of your neck and shoulders.
  2. Try to squeeze your shoulder blades and don’t make a swing using momentum or swings to lift the weights going. Instead, make an easy and controlled movement both on the way up and down.
  3. Keep your chest up. This will help you utilize your back and upper deltoids to lift the dumbbells.
  4. Inhale and raise the dumbbells laterally, using an extended arching motion and ensure that your elbows are bent slightly. Make sure you don’t exceed your shoulder height when lifting the dumbbells.
  5. Be sure your feet are at a hip width apart and that your knees are slightly bent. Keep your core active all the time.

The best suggestion: Your tempo should be one second ahead and one second of hold. You should also have 1 second to go (1:1:1)

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