Seniors Shouldn’t Eat These Deadly Foods

These are the Deadliest Foods to Avoid Your parents weren’t concerned about cancer-causing foods when they were young. Although the research was still very new, there were far fewer processed foods available. Because they had more options, people ate healthier and purer foods. It seems that doctors are tying everything together to cause cancer. It’s difficult … Read more

7 x totally absurd celebrity diets

celebs Confess Their Most Bizarre Food Habits If we want to lose weight quickly, we go to the gym a few times per week. Or at least, we promise we will. Then we sit down on the couch and watch our favorite shows. But celebrities spend a lot of time on rigorous fitness programs and … Read more

The diet problems and how to prevent Them

lime beverage on wooden board

1. Crash Diets Maybe your plan calls only for cabbage soup or grapefruit each day. Your daily calories will be reduced to less than 1,000 and you’ll notice a reduction in weight. Your metabolism will slow down if you consume so little calories. You will lose weight if you stop eating calories. 2. Skipping breakfast may seem like a great way … Read more