Work Pressure and Its Effects

Today, a person lives in an era of work pressures and spends most of his time at work, which can be in an organization, Company, factory, School, Hospital, or other workplaces, Our life is full of pressures, and the individual tries hard to cope with these pressures by various means. The individual stays within the … Read more

7 Habits for Achieving High Productivity

roductivity is the cornerstone of both personal and professional success. It’s the art of efficiently using your time, energy, and resources to accomplish tasks, achieve goals, and lead a fulfilling life. In a world where time is a precious commodity, being productive can make a profound difference in your overall quality of life. B. Overview … Read more

The importance of IT consultants in business

Information technology is one of the most important factors contributing to the success of business in the modern world, as it facilitates vital processes and increases productivity and efficiency. In order to maximize the benefits of IT, companies and organizations should hire qualified and trained IT consultants to provide the necessary services. This is simply … Read more

How to negotiate a salary increase in an effective way (Part 2)

In the first part of this article, we talked about the cases that require requesting a salary increase, such as taking on new responsibilities, supervising other employees, helping the company achieve its goals, receiving high performance ratings, contributing to increasing the company’s revenues, and others.then we moved on to discuss tips to prepare for successful … Read more

Workshop on the qualities of a manager

One of the biggest challenges for businessmen is the choice of the manager and leader of the institution or company concerned for them or the selection of detailed cadres in it; the matter is subject to many criteria, it is not easy to meet in one person, even if this happens and is proven and … Read more

Types of commercial licenses in the United Arab Emirates

There are many types of commercial licenses in the United Arab Emirates depending on the activities carried out by investors in the country, and in this article, dear readers, we will introduce you to the types of licenses in the United Arab Emirates; so follow us in the next few lines. Commercial licenses in Dubai: … Read more